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SAAV is aproject of
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“You can only go halfway
into the darkest forest; then you are coming out
the other side
-Chinese Proverb


SAAV is committed to assisting in spreading awareness of current Los Angeles organizations and programs dealing with sexual assault and focusing on envisioning and creating new, important and different ways for women to heal, both short and long term.

The Survivor Guide & Directory

Names and contact information for organizations (starting in Los Angeles) equipped to handle sexual assault and the healing process. From counselors and therapists to group therapy and self defense classes. All the information a woman might need to aid in her healing process.

SAAV Survivor Network

SAAV is committed to providing a nurturing support network for survivors. Survivors are liberated and empowered when they realize they are far from being alone and there are others they can talk to about their experience who truly understand and relate to what they have been through.

Private Workshops and Public Events

Providing survivors of sexual assault with a safe and informed place to unite, find their voice and express themselves.

Public Speaking Tours

To schools, women's groups and many different populations, educating people of all ages and genders on sexual assault and the importance of healing the shame and secrecy surrounding it.

Music Film & Television

Artists and production companies creating projects aimed at uniting artists with survivors in expressing their views of a global need to end violence.


Concerts and festivals bringing awareness to the importance of non-violence.