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SAAV is aproject of
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SAAV firmly believes in the healing power of art and creativity.

SAAV Survivor Workshops and Retreats

SAAV is developing arts and creative expression-based workshops and retreats for survivors. These private events will offer survivors a safe, nurturing place to express feelings in whatever ways are most comfortable to each individual.

Some may choose writing: poetry, theatre or prose; some may prefer visual arts: painting or drawing or collage. Some: music. The possibilities are endless but the goal is to allow each woman to express herself privately to herself and then to the group in hopes of integrating the violent experience into her life on a deeper level.

SAAV believes that in "owning" our experience of violence and coming to terms with what it has brought to our lives, we grow from victim to survivor and open up our potential for limitless personal growth.

Although the workshops will be a therapeutic experience for survivors, they are NOT, and never will be, offered as therapy. SAAV advises all potential participants to see a counselor or therapist privately before attending any SAAV workshops.

There will be an interview process so that SAAV can decide with confidence if the survivor is at the right place in her healing to participate. SAAV will request written permission to contact the survivors' therapists or counselors to seek their approval.

Dates: TBA

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