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SAAV is committed to providing a nurturing support network for survivors

SAAV Survivor Network

SAAV believes that connecting and interacting with other survivors is an essential part of the healing process. Sadly, a "patient's right to confidentiality", although created and enforced to protect the privacy of survivors from the media and unwarranted access to medical records, has also been largely responsible for the painful absence of survivor unity.

Rape crisis centers are obligated to protect the privacy of the patients they serve: clearly an important responsibility. However, this same rule prevents these organizations from contacting their clients and maintaining long term relationships with them.

It is often many years before a woman is ready to speak openly about her experience of violence to others and there must be a system in place where women do not have to look far to find a supportive network of women with similar stories to share.

Survivors are liberated and empowered when they realize they are far from being alone and there are others they can talk to about their experience who truly understand and relate to what they have been through. This in no way replaces the importance of individual therapy, but rather is an essential addition to the healing process.

SAAV is committed to educating other organizations not created by survivors, the importance of survivors coming together.

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